​​​​​​​                          Ted Silva

Licensed Private Investigator

           WHAT   DO   BACKGROUND   CHECKS.....   ACTUALLY CHECK? ​​*                                                    

*A  more detailed explanation  of the terms listed below can be obtained from

"THE SAFE HIRING MANUAL"  by Atty.  Lester S. Rosen

When completing  a pre-employment background check we can provide a variety of  search results depending on the needs and requests of the business. The most common are listed below:

DRIVERS LICENSE SEARCH-  We will verify driving privileges in Massachusetts. If  requested,   a "driving history" can be obtained from the registry.

SOCIAL SECURITY NUMBER CHECK- This check provides names and addresses associated with the social security number provided and helps verify true identification and other information.

CREDIT REPORT- A credit report can be obtained if requested with the signed consent of the applicant if it is   relevant to the job function.  This may help in determining suitability for handling cash and other specific duties.

EMPLOYMENT VERIFICATION- This includes checking dates of employment, job title, reason for leaving, helps eliminate unexplained gaps in employment and provides other useful information.

ADDRESS HISTORY-  We check prior addresses listed for accuracy and other issues. Prior address locations sometimes provides  further information on the candidate.

EMPLOYMENT REFERENCE CHECKS- These are  done to provide in-depth information regarding specific job duties, performance, strengths, weaknesses, eligibility for re-hire and other detailed information.  

PERSONAL REFERENCE CHECKS- We contact listed and unlisted personal references to obtain information about character and fitness for the job opening. 

EDUCATION VERIFICATION- We will attempt to confirm degrees and diplomas to verify information provided in application or on resume.

SELECTIVE SERVICE REGISTRATION-Where appropriate we will determine  if the individual has registered for selective service.

PROFESSIONAL LICENSES- We  will confirm whether an applicant has the required licenses as stated in the application or resume.

CIVIL RECORDS- We will search for civil records, litigation, judgments, tax liens, and law suits which would be relative to job  performance.

WORKERS' COMPENSATION RECORDS- May be located under certain, very restrictive situations, post-job offer.

I-9 VERIFICATION-  (Post-hire) We will attempt to verify documents provided either from list A, or from list B & C to confirm due diligence by the employer.

CRIMINAL RECORD SEARCH- Employment cannot be automatically denied based on a criminal record and employers in Massachusetts cannot ask questions regarding criminal history on the initial job application. Criminal records (C.O.R.I.) are evaluated later in the application process. Massachusetts criminal records can be checked through the state "i-CORI" system. Further information regarding "i-CORI" can be obtained by copying  the link below: